Hi, thanks to stop by on my photoblog! This site contains mainly pictures and (almost) no words(although I love writing! ), because pictures are storytelling by themselves 😉


woods and lakes, dunes and oceans…. nature by itself
with its whispering sounds and its subtle fragrance…só pure 
makes my heart ache….in a very good way   

I was born in oktober 
and it stamped itself …. on my soul

I like quiet things, authentic people and raw moments
I’m a thinker…a feeler from within my heart
and all I wish to do, is catch that feeling, share it with whomever it wants…
so they get drowned by words and blinded thru pictures 
written and captured from within my soul

so let me try to give you the feeling …of thousands fluttering butterflies
nature só pure 
and never forget…the beauty of life and love

me-myself-bwA long time ago, when the first digital camera’s appears on the market, from the first day on, I was totally in love with it. Every moment, small stories on the street, daily secrets from home, family pictures and “real still life” around me I wanted to capture. Photography is become a part of my life!! You can find on this blog 4 albums:

On the run” (pictures taken on our walks)

Home, the place to be” (moments taken from @Home)

Streets” and “Nature

The Daily Secrets” page contains only pictures taken with my iPhone. Little secrets from @Home, not necessary daily taken, but of daily moments…

#SPM-Board …a Short Photo Message Board, kinda diary in blog style :))

The “BLOG(DUTCH)” page  (recently imported from another site of me), is written in Dutch and contains expanded posts, mostly of the places we visited but also some tips and tricks useful in photography .



I hope you enjoy my short story-telling moments … Have fun!

Questions?….. let me know